The Netherlands


People of African Descent

PAD Link (people of African descent) aims at empowering PAD communities across the diaspora through a variety of strategies and methods to address the discrimination, prejudice and bias they experience. The organization will center its focus on addressing the needs of PAD communities through engaging and organizing them to ensure their participation in the necessary actions and processes that will combat the historical and inter-generational violation and abrogation of human rights that they experience across the diaspora. 

PAD Link will create platforms and programmes that provide various opportunities for these communities. These will be, inter Alia:

  • Strategic litigation
  • Advocacy
  • Human rights education and capacity building
  • Training and mentoring
  • Research, monitoring, and publication
  • Civic advice initiative
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, trainings, and policy advising
  • Intersectional and decolonization initiatives

PAD Link will pursue the aim of advocating for the advancement of the human rights of PAD communities and will develop links across the diaspora, thereby creating solidarity among the various PAD communities ensuring sustainability and continuity.

Bank Details
NAME: Stichting PAD Link
IBAN: NL94 BUNQ 2076 0463 06