The Netherlands


People of African Descent

The War is Not Colorblind Project

It is evident that the war in Ukraine exposes and exacerbates many social inequalities. Since the outbreak of the war, PADs and people of color (POC) are disproportionately affected by the consequences of the violent situation and persistent acts of racism. 

In response to the emerging needs of PADs and POCs, we created and managed a successful donation campaign and drive which provided essential aid and supplies to evacuated PADs and POCs in Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, the Netherlands, and Germany. With the war in Ukraine, we have witnessed that the ‘shame’ of acting in a racial manner is no longer present and divergent discriminatory practices against PADs are ‘normalizing’ on every level of society. 

There are countless more examples demonstrating that war is not color blind and that people of color, in what is already a demeaning crisis, are once again losing out. PAD Link established the ‘War is not colorblind’ project and is involved in assisting PADs and POCs by providing these people with basic essentials such as food, toiletries, medical care, mental health support, small financial aid, as well as providing legal assistance.